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We are live with our new fall/winter collection and we are so proud! We have new amazing jewelry, new pretty lingerie sets and new beautiful items. But, this collection is so much more than just pretty pieces of clothing. With this new collection from MOOST Wanted we want to send a beautiful message to our fellow women. 

It is very important that we lift each other up! Together we stand strong and that is where this collection is all about. The items are very unique and diverse, just like we are. We wanted to make our collection as cozy, chic and comfortable as possible. During this terrible pandemic we want you to feel comfortable but chic in times we need to stay at home. This collection is also made to help you look super pretty in a quick way, so you can start the day with lots of energy. When you feel confident and good, you can be your unapologetic selve!

So as you can see, in all of our collections we choose very natural colors. This way it is easy for you to combine all of our items together. Because we don’t look at trends, our items have a long lifespan. This collection we added a new color: Ash Brown. This beautiful color matches really well with our Beige, Off-White and Stone Grey color.

Our fellow women is what has inspired us for this fall/winter collection. We hope by passing this story on, we shared our vision with you. You have already been able to see a large part of our new collection on our website. Today we launched our second drop of our fall/winter collection! More will come soon. Go check it out and have much fun shopping girls!



For My Fellow Women

She is phenomenally complex 

A great fucking mystery 

That’s her


It’s in the swing of her hips 

The curl of her lips

The fire in her eyes

The shape of her thighs


But what makes her beautiful

Is not her appearance

Or what she achieves

She rises by lifting her fellow women


She stand up for all women around her 

For the circles of women around us 

Weave invisible nets of strength 

That carry us when we feel weak 

Celebrate us when we feel strong


She wonders

what would the world look like today

If we, women, didn’t compete with each other but love instead 

Fiercely like when we were young girls


She inspires us to rise

To be unapologetically ourselves

To free all the parts of us that have been bound 

To let our voices be heard


To seek connection, not consumption 

To choose passion, not profit

To allow courage to run wild within us


For the world needs a Revolution

Of Poets, Lovers and Troublemakers Tricksters, 

Rebels and Mystic Travelers


For now is the time

To stop fighting the old 

And focus on building the new


And maybe

One day

Our fellow women

Do not have to wake up And wonder


How did we forget our magic? 

When did we lose our voice? 

Where did we burry our sisterhood? 

I am her. She is me.




MOOST Wanted