How the Elder Scrolls Online Combat Changed in Update 17

Elder Scrolls Online combat system received an update that makes some changes to how synergies, blocks, heavy attacks, PvP interrupts, and AOE work.

The month of February came with two important events for Elder Scrolls Online. The first one was the release of a new DLC, Dragon Bones, and the second one was a major game update. One of the systems that went through an update is the combat system. The changes regard both PvE and PvP. There are three PvE updates and two PvP updates.

Synergies, block cost, and heavy attacks are the three PvP updates. Synergies have been in the game from day one but developers noticed that players weren’t really using them. These are combo abilities that become active when classes with compatible abilities are fighting side by side. After the update, these abilities are easier to cast. When abilities that can allow synergies are used, players will now see a light column that stays active until the synergy is cast. There is also a cooldown shown. The change regarding block lowers the stamina cost associated with it but also the enchantment. Developers felt that block was too expensive for characters that were not specialized in tanking and too cheap for tanks. The cost and enchant modifications make block more accessible to all classes and make its use more strategic for tanks. The third change is about heavy attacks and boss fights. A heavy attack doesn’t remove off balance from bosses like it used to. It also gives the caster more resources, so players could get Elder Scrolls Online items easier in game.

The PvP changes are group AOE in Cyrodiil and interrupts. The cap on AOE damage in Cyrodiil was removed. This should encourage players to adventure in small groups without seeking the protection of a larger group. The other change is about how interrupts work when fighting in PvP. Abilities that had a long cast time weren’t very popular in PvP because they could be easily interrupted. The speed penalty is now lowered. The ability can still be interrupted but there is a cooldown until the interrupt can work again.

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